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Joseph Uppleger | Founder | Safe Future Wealth Partners MI
CEO / Founder
Retirement Planning Specialist

Joe is a sought-after public speaker, community educator, popular radio talk show host. Every week, people across the...

Financial Planner

With over 24 years of investment experience, Hary specializes in Financial Planning, Portfolio Evaluation, Planning for...

Lead Administrative Director

Stacy is the Administrative Assistant for Safe Future Wealth Partners LLC. Stacy brings over 20 years of administrative...

Heather | Tax Specialist | Safe Future Wealth Partners MI
Social Security / Tax Specialist

With over 20 years in the industry, Heather has worked within the finest organizations including Franklin Templeton Group...

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Your financial future depends in large part on decisions you make today. As Winston Churchill said, “He who fails to plan, plans to fail.” At Safe Future Wealth Partners, we strive to contribute practical knowledge and experience in working with individuals, professionals, and companies concerning their insurance, investments, and overall financial planning needs.

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Protect Your Wealth and What’s Most Important

While insurance is not the most popular topic on clients’ minds, having proper insurance coverage is one of the true cornerstones of sound financial well-being. We’ve found over the years that many people regret not taking insurance into consideration much sooner in their financial planning.

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Investing & Asset Management

With the continued volatility and uncertainty in the financial markets, many people are nervous and do not know where they can turn for trusted advice with their investment decisions. At Safe Future Wealth Partners, we can assist you in clarifying your financial goals and objectives and work with you to identify the appropriate investment advice and strategies to pursue those goals in a caring and confidential environment.

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